OT World 2024 Recap

OT World in Leipzig, Germany, is a landmark event for the global orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) industry. This year, Amparo was proud to be a part of the energy, showcasing our latest innovations and fostering valuable connections within the exceptional O&P community.

Our primary goals at OT World were multifaceted. First, we were thrilled to unveil the revolutionary Amparo Resilience Socket to the world. This innovative socket design prioritizes exceptional comfort and stability, empowering amputees to reach their full potential.

The Resilience Socket boasts several features designed to elevate the user experience. Amparo’s design offers the versatility of easily interchangeable suspension systems, allowing practitioners to tailor the socket to the specific needs and activity level of each patient. Increased comfort is a cornerstone of the Resilience Socket. We’ve incorporated advanced materials and construction techniques to create a socket that feels natural.

The Resilience Socket is crafted from lightweight yet robust materials, including Kevlar. This combination ensures optimal user mobility without sacrificing structural integrity. The Resilience Socket features customizable exteriors, allowing patients to personalize their prosthetics and reflect their unique style.

Throughout the event, our team hosted engaging live demos, allowing visitors to experience the Resilience Socket firsthand. Witnessing the socket in action sparked not only lively conversations but also invaluable feedback. This feedback is crucial as we continue to refine and improve the Resilience Socket to best serve the needs of amputees. We also offered attendees the opportunity to explore our game-changing direct-fit technology, a solution that streamlines the prosthetic fitting process, leading to faster rehabilitation and improved patient satisfaction. These interactions allowed for a continuous dialogue about the technology and its potential impact on practices.

Amparo’s commitment to the O&P community extended beyond the bustling show floor. We hosted a series of intensive training sessions for three days following the official OT World closing hours. These sessions delved deeper into the Amparo Trust, Confidence, and the all-new Resilience Socket, equipping O&P professionals with the knowledge to integrate our solutions into their practices.

To add a touch of fun and excitement, Amparo held its first-ever raffle at OT World! We were delighted to congratulate the lucky winners who received a stylish pair of headphones.

Our participation in OT World 2024 was not only successful in terms of connections and brand awareness, but also incredibly valuable for product development. The feedback received on the Resilience Socket, both during live demos and through training sessions, will be instrumental in refining the design and ensuring it meets the evolving needs of amputees.

We’re already looking forward to OT World 2026, where we’ll undoubtedly have even more groundbreaking innovations to share. However, Amparo’s commitment to the O&P community extends far beyond major events.

Stay Tuned for More Amparo Events

We actively participate in industry events throughout the year. Stay tuned to our social media channels for exciting announcements about upcoming conferences and exhibitions where you’ll have the chance to experience Amparo’s transformative technologies firsthand.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at OT World! We appreciate your support, feedback, and the opportunity to engage in such a productive dialogue. We look forward to continuing the conversation and working together to shape the future of prosthetics.

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