What are Advantages of the Amparo System

As it is often said in the O&P industry, one of the most delicate aspects to a prosthesis is the socket. It is this component that makes direct contact with the stump and requires the most customization to each individual amputee. In many countries, Doctors want the amputees to be equipped with a Prosthetic device as soon as possible to get use to their new way of life. After amputation the stump is constantly changing, a comfortable socket should adapt to volume fluctuations, as the goal is to help the amputee to start walking again with less discomfort as possible. The Amparo System allows amputees to start and/or continue their rehabilitation immediately, without prolonged interruption or time bedridden. How? Because it is made directly on the patient in 1-2h max session and can be done anywhere thanks to our Mobile Clinic (all you need fits in a travel bag and you can take it anywhere with you: hospital, clinic, patient home etc…) The Amparo sockets offer another great advantage: they can be modified locally or completely reshaped if needed. This allows the O&P specialist to adapt the socket to the stump even if the volume changes with time. Amparo system is FAST, SMART and MOBILE. Contact us for more information at hello@amparo.world

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